My Story 

Antonio Jaggie, professionally known as “Kosten”, is an urban and commercial freelance photographer. Specializing in lifestyle and landscape photography, AJ is known for his powerful, radiant imagery.  His inspiration behind the lens can be accredited to the heavy influence of New York City and graffiti culture that he's been entrenched in since a young boy. 


“It’s really the thrill of getting a different angle than what most people would ever be able to experience that’s been the main motivator for me.” 


At only 20, AJ’s personal works have been recognized and exhibited internationally in various galleries. This mass exposure has led to a cult-like following on Instagram of over 250k followers, gaining substantial coverage from media power houses, such as Business Insider, GQ, High Snobiety and Hypebeast.


AJ has worked on many notable campaigns for brands ranging from Nike, Converse, Puma, Adidas, Clarks, Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics and among countless others. He has assisted brands in the development of original, innovative visual content that builds community, engages audiences, and inspires action. #Kosten #KO