After the artist recognized his talent within street photography, Kosten was quick to realize that his passion for cars would only help him broaden his brand. Realizing that each car, unique in itself from any other, can serve as a model within his frames, the artist developed a new photographic passion. By incorporating different structures into his photographs with bends and curves of cars, Kosten was able to adapt his popular city and street photography aesthetic, into the field of car photography, which was yet to see such bold color, character, and compositions.

McLaren 765 LT Spider

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Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

Porsche GT3

F1 Miami 2022

Rivian R1T

Ben Collins x Arkonik

1967 Camaro RS


Land Rover Defender

McLaren North America

BMW North America


Ford Bronco


Redbull F1 US Tour, Classic Car Club, NYC

Miller Motor Cars

Rolls Royce Dawn

CCC Revolution Test Drives

Glickenhaus HK Motorcars 004c 2021

7s Day NYC 2022



A selection of photographs captured over a number of years and race types. A brief look into the long standing collection of photographs within the archives.