Choose a city to view from my eyes. Each photo carefully crafted and selected to make the viewer feel the enivornment even from half of a globe away.

Frequently Asked

1. What's you favorite country to photograph in?
China - it offers both historic and innovative architecture. It also has a vast amount of neon lights, both dated and new, that light the streets and create an environment as close to a cyberpunk setting as you can get within the real world.
2. What do you bring with you when photographing a new city?
When I'm walking around a new city photographing for the first time I typically bring multiple lenses that can offer me different angles as I'm not sure what I'll need. I always bring extra Memory Cards & Batteries along with a Water Bottle, Airpods, a facecloth, and a Dust cloth for my lenses.
3. What city would you recommend food in?
New York City - The city offers any type of cuisine that you could want. If the city has the best pizza in the world, that's where you go. But if you like spicy food, head to Chongquing, China. And bring a sweat-rag.
4. What's your favorite to photograph in within China?
Hong Kong - it offers a unique variety of culture, architecture, and street life within the many regions and neighborhoods of the city. My personal favorite is Kowloon - historically known for it's old and historical neon street and building sign. It's a city that I'm excited to watch advance and continue to build and progress.
5. What program do you use to edit your Cityscape photographs?
Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop - I use Adobe Lightroom to manipulate the colors and lighting that I envision and Adobe Photoshop to create collages, scroll-able posts, and multi-layered images.
6. How quickly do you edit your Cityscape photos?
I like to edit my RAWs a day or two after I have taken them. It allows me the space I need to envision, recall, and reimagine the scenes that I was in so I can best manipulate them to what I recall and construct in my head.